My cry to NADAA!

Dear Grandpa/ Nana Akufo -Addo I have decided to write to you despite all odds. I know some people will bash me for doing this but sir I lay more claim to you than them. No fears though, I will be very circumspect in my diction. That is because you have not ascended to the […]

Change the value

It is almost the end of the year, 2015. What has changed for Ghana? Note the question; not what has changed in Ghana. Today, I am inclined to repeat this poem ‘tears at 58’.  Let us make Ghana pretty again. Her beauty must not wither.   tears at 58   so much pain i lean […]

Who are we? 1

I am at a traditional wedding ceremony. There is a priest/minister present. After all the ups and downs and shenanigans, he calls for a church wedding to allow for Christ to be in the marriage. He says this one is purely a traditional wedding otherwise known as engagement. These days we invite God to be […]


Finally. After five years, I was going to back to Ghana, the country of my birth. The last time I visited Ghana was during the demise of my father. The trials and tribulations of that period spurred in me an urge never to go back. People I had always thought had our back turned out […]

Musical chairs

Do you remember that game of musical chairs? We used to dance and go round in front of a few chairs hoping to glue our fianga buttocks unto one when it stopped. If you had a crush on a girl, you hoped in the dying embers of the song she would mistakenly sit on your […]

The “Allegators”

A year ago I wrote this piece. Does any bit of it have any relevance today? Still #SILENTNOISES #AsItIs To all those ‘allegators’ making allegations, please stop it. The lady in question simply made a kpa kpa kpa movement to elaborate herself. The head of the kpa kpa kpa movement, himself has spoken and is […]

Exchange of Insults!!

EXCHANGE noun 1. the exchange of ideas: interchange, trade, trading, swapping, traffic, trafficking. 2. a broker on the exchange: stock exchange, money market; bourse. 3. an acrimonious exchange: conversation, dialogue, talk, discussion, chat; debate, argument, altercation, row; formal confabulation, colloquy. INSULT verb |inˈsəlt| [ with obj. ] speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful […]

God First!!

I am still here. My absolute thanks to God for my life. Thanks to my IT team for a good job. Thanks to the real family for the love. The yok3 gari fiasco!! Eeeeiiii. The Dumsor. Looking for Powerbarges. Road network. No wonder V 12s are not a luxury. Impudence of almost everyone. Lawlessness. Some […]

In contempt of a Goat

“In abundance of water the fool is always thirsty”. Will the same be said in Ghana this Christmas? It is only 2 months away and I look forward sincerely to this Christmas. It will rain food. Literally. Anas has single-handedly with his Tiger PI caused a dramatic overflow of local foodstuffs into the economy. The […] | 502: Bad gateway

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